Around the Farm

We have a working farm growing heirloom varieties of vegetables for our Community Supported Agriculture Program and for sale at farmer’s markets and in our Country store. We keep a small selection of heritage breed farm animals to support our educational programs. We have displays of agricultural implements and educational exhibits on rural life and agriculture for the visiting public and our many visiting school children. We offer guided tours of the farm and the historic Jones farmhouse. Special events and programs, workshops, and day camps are offered throughout the year.

Our Community Supported Agriculture Program

We are offering 35 shares for the 2013 growing season at the New Hampshire Farm Museum in Milton. Our CSA runs for 20 weeks from June 19th through the end of October and includes a family membership to the NH Farm Museum. A weekly share contains approximately $25-$30 worth of fresh picked organically grown produce.  We focus on heirloom as well as modern varieties of vegetables and we use no synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides in our gardens or GMO seeds. Share cost: $500.
What we will grow this year: 
Sugar Snap Peas/ Onions: Sweet, yellow storage and red storage/ Leeks: Early and late types/ Scallions: Purple and white/ Celeriac/ Lettuce/ Cut Greens: Mesclun mix (mixed lettuces), Spicy Mix, Arugula/ Fennel/ Daikon radishes/  Herbs: Basil, Dill, Parsley, Cilantro, Mint/ Bok Choy, Tat Soi/ Cabbage: Red, green, Napa/ Broccoli/ Swiss Chard/ Kale: Green curly (Winterbor), red curly (Redbor), Red Russian, Lacinato/ Collards/ Beets/ Carrots/ Hakurei (Salad) Turnips/ Radishes/ Beans: Green and dry types/ Parsnips/ Tomatoes: Red types, cherries, heirlooms/ Ground Cherries/ Pepper: Sweet and hot types / Eggplants/ Cucumbers: Pickling and slicing types/ Summer Squash: Pattypans, Zucchinis/ Potatoes: Early, mid, late types, ( reds, whites, blues, golds)/ Corn: Sweet, dry/ Brussels Sprouts (fall only)/Cantaloupes/ Watermelons/ Sweet Potatoes/ Winter Squashes/ Pumpkins: Jack-o-lantern, pie, mini types, and gourds/ Rutabagas

Our Farmers: Mark Bascom & Lindsay Fisk
Mark Bascom grew up in Center Harbor, NH on a 19th-century farmstead. He ventured to Montreal, QC to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies and Anthropology from McGill University. Lindsay Fisk grew up in Livingston Manor, NY with a love for nature and the outdoors. She attended St. Lawrence University for a degree in Environmental Science and Biology. In 2007, Mark and Lindsay joined forces to intern at Brook Farm Project in New Paltz, NY - a 5-acre CSA vegetable farm. Since then, they have apprenticed at two other small-scale organic farms. Fishkill Farms, located in Fishkill, NY, was a 12-acre organic vegetable operation nestled within a 300 acre IPM orchard with a focus on production for local farmer’s markets. In 2011 they apprenticed at Brookford Farm in Rollinsford, NH. The farm was a diverse organic operation with 40 milking cows, around 100 pigs, 2500 chickens (both egg laying and broilers), 40 acres of wheat, and a 20 acre vegetable garden. Lindsay worked full time growing vegetables and Mark worked half time in the creamery and half time with the vegetables. The creamery produced raw milk, yogurt, kefir, raw cream, cultured butter, buttermilk, quark, and four other types of cheese. They are very excited for the opportunity to farm at the NH Farm Museum to continue the never ending learning experience that is food production. This will be their second growing season here.

The Details:  Our CSA runs for 20 weeks from mid-June through the end of October. The cost of a share is $500 payable in two installments. If a full share sounds like too many vegetables you may find friends to split it with or talk to us about a half share. Pick-up will be Wednesdays from 3-6pm at the Museum’s Country Store. Shares not picked up will be held through Thursday and can be picked up 10 am to 5 pm. Since we attend the Rollinsford Summer farmers market we are also willing to bring shares down; markets are on Saturdays 9am-1pm. The first pick-up will be June 19th and the last pick up will be the week of October 30th. Call 603-652-7840 or email: for more information

The museum maintains several large market gardens for the cultivation of vegetables which we sell to our CSA members and in our country store and at local farmer’s markets. We also have an herb garden and flower gardens as well as a children’s garden for educational purposes. We have many old varieties of herbs as well as heirloom varieties of vegetables and flowers. We are currently working on restoring an historic flower garden behind the Jones Farmhouse.

The Farm Animals

Guided tours are available to visit our livestock at the Plummer Homestead.

The Pigs: Dorcas a Gloucester Old Spot pig, a heritage breed traditionally used for keeping the orchards clear of dropped apples. She was born at Old Sturbridge Village.

The Sheep: Our current flock of five sheep includes Gulf Coast Merinos, a breed once common in New Hampshire and Vermont, that we obtained from the flock at Old Sturbridge Village. The sheep are shorn each year by a professional shearer at our annual Spring Farm Day event.

The Goats: Details coming soon.

The Chickens:The Farm Museum keeps a flock of chickens in the coop at the Jones Farm, including heritage breeds such as Silver Gray Dorkings, Speckled Sussex, Dark Cornish, Dark Brahmas, Barred Rocks, Dominiques and Bantams. Our chickens are  free-ranging (except when our gardens are first planted!) and we sell their eggs in the Country Store.

The Rabbits:We have two rabbits, Junior and Flopsy, Their hutches are located outside the chicken coop and are a fun stop for kids on the way to visit the rest of the animals.

The Barn Cat: All farms need a barn cat or two. Butterscotch is the farm ambassador—they are friendly and industrious controlling the mouse population!

Keeping animals requires feed, bedding, and veterinary care. You can help by “adopting” any one or all of our farm animals (click “Join/Support” then “Adopt a Farm Animal”). Adopters will be invited to a special annual Farm Animal Tour. In the meantime, keep up with the Farm Museum animals on their Facebook pages—Dorcas the Pig has even been known to Twitter!

Contact Us
1305 White Mountain Highway
Route 125
PO Box 644 Milton, NH 03851

Archival photo of garden behind Jones Farm

Resident farmer Kirk Russell preparing for planting

One example of hundreds of artifacts in Jones Barn

Sleigh rides in the winter!

Butterscotch the farm cat

Ida Bean from the Farm Women, Farm Work exhibit

Dorcas and
Clarabelle snoozing

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